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Laundry Monitoring

LaundryAlert Internet Monitoring System

LaundryAlert is an internet laundry monitoring system which allows access to real-time information on laundry equipment availability, cycle completion and notification of machines available. With this system, each laundry room can be viewed on an internet webpage, complete with real-time display of the time remaining on each washer or dryer. With a click of a button, the system will email your students when machines are available or when the cycle is complete. No more waiting in the laundry room for machines to become available!

LaundriMate Telephone Monitoring System

LaundriMate is a unique add-on to LaundryAlert which allows access to laundry equipment information via any telephone. Simply dial in and the system will call you back when your laundry is complete or when machines are available. This exclusive feature can be implemented for a minimal additional cost!

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