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Basic Laundry 101 - Great Lakes Never Forgets The Basics

Clean Laundry

Great Lakes provides Maytag Commercial laundry equipment that offers the industry’s best cleaning wash. Washers that properly clean, rinse and spin dry items each and every load. Maytag washers include built in smart technology that can handle tough and even unbalanced loads.

Dry Laundry

Nobody likes to put on wet clothes. Great Lakes provides Maytag dryers that offer fully adjustable cycle times that are custom set to make sure laundry loads are properly dry, yet not over dried. Our washers provide high speed extraction for faster drying times to help free up equipment. Great Lakes utilizes Maytag Dryers with the exclusive Turbo Vent Feature that maintains better drying performance even with longer vent runs.

Prompt Service

If a problem does arise, Great Lakes local presence ensures fast service response time. Service not only scheduled quickly, but work completed and equipment properly running. Great Lake is proud of our most valuable asset, our Red Carpet service support team. Over the past 20 years we have won numerous national awards for taking outstanding care of our customers.

Advanced Laundry 300 - Let Great Lakes Take Your Laundry Room To The Future

Eco Friendly

If we are going to have a future we need to take steps to use our natural resources as efficiently as possible. Great Lakes provides Maytag Commercial laundry equipment that offers the most complete line of High Efficiency products available. Installing Energy Star washers that meet CEE Tier III rating standards and dryers with the exclusive Turbo Vent feature can mean energy savings up to 60%.

From the equipment we install, long running recycling practices, move toward energy efficient vehicles, and ever evolving Eco improvements Great Lakes is a partner that truly cares about the environment. Great Lakes is proud to have received the first national commercial laundry Energy Advantage Award in 2008. We recently were recognized for our efforts again receiving the 2010 award in March 2011.


Let Great Lakes provide your institution with the newest laundry room products available. From the newest most efficient washers and dryers to modern payment and monitoring systems, Great Lakes will keep your laundry rooms modern. Great Lakes offers many types of payment and monitoring systems and will provide a custom solution to best meet your needs. We are ever mindful of providing proven technology that provides real benefits.

Most important Great Lakes provides value. Over 95% of our customers choose Great Lakes at time of lease renewal.

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