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New Investors

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Thinking about starting your own business?
Consider opening a coin laundry – one of the most attractive and lucrative opportunities available. Owning your own store has numerous advantages.
  • CASH! Coin Laundry is a cash business. That means no accounts receivable and no bounced checks.
  • Minimal time and labor involved. Your customers are doing all the work!
  • Coin laundries are recession-resistant. Clean clothes are a necessity.
  • High demand. There are over 86 million customers in rental market alone.
  • Possible to achieve a high return on your investment.
  • Low capital investment neccessary.
  • Fixed costs are minimal. There are no inventory costs.
  • It can be a part-time addition to an existing career.
  • No special technical skills are needed.
  • Business owners receive special tax incentives.
  • Minimal employee concerns.

If this sounds like the business opportunity you’ve been looking for, allow Great Lakes Laundry to assist. We’ve helped hundreds of people establish their own coin laundries. See How

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